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Trends In Fiber Optic Communication Industry

Fiber optic communication industry has been enjoying amazing growth for nearly 20 years, which is driven by both technology advance and market demand. There are some obvious trends inside the growth and development of new technology and market. All-Optical Network … Continue reading

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What does an Optical Attenuator do

An optical attenuator is a device commonly used to lower the amount of power of an optical signal in a fiber optic communication system. In fiber optics, attenuation can also be called transmission loss. It’s the reduction in light signal intensity with regards to … Continue reading

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What is Wavelength Division Multiplexing Technology?

Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology is an optical communication technology using frequency division multiplexing of optical domain to achieve simultaneous transmission on a single fiber channel optical signal. Wave-division multiplexing standard has large system capacity, high utilization of fiber optic … Continue reading

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