Time for optimizing your DWDM network with FMT

DWDM technology has been widely applied during these years and will continue to provide the bandwidth for large amounts of data. In fact, the capacity of systems will grow as technologies advance that allow closer spacing, and therefore higher numbers, of wavelengths. But DWDM is also moving beyond transport to become the basis of all-optical networking. How to deploy DWDM network with the lowest cost has always been a hot topic. At FS, we remain committed to being customer-oriented, and now we have launched a brand-new FMT ( FS.COM multi-service transport) platform to help you optimize your DWDM network performance. So what is FMT platform and what can FMT do for you?

About FMT

FMT platform

Developed by FS.COM this year, FMT is a multiservice transport system featured by a high density design and low insertion loss. It aims at optimizing the performance of DWDM network and delivering better services for customers. It can satisfy the requirements of both CWDM transmission and DWDM transmission, especially for DWDM long haul transmissions. Compared with the old generation of DWDM network components, the products of FMT series have been enhanced in every aspects, thus it can provide our customer higher networking performance with better management and lower power consumption. Next I will introduce you what is exactly included in our FMT platform.

All-in-One FMT Series DWDM Networking System

Designed to provide the best service at the lowest price, our FMT platform makes devices like EDFA, OEO, DCM, OLP and VOA into small plug-in cards and provides standard rack units as well as free software to achieve better management and monitoring. You may ask why you need to add these devices and how they help your DWDM network. Next I will introduce them to you respectively:

  • OEO. DWDM transceiver can produce wavelength directly. However, it has higher power consumption. Add an OEO converter between switch can decrease fault risks caused by high temperature and power consumption at switches.


  • EDFA. Light loss occurs at many place: the device, the optical fibers, fiber connectors, fusion splicing points etc. To overcome light loss in DWDM network and ensure long distance transmission of high quality, EDFA is usually add in the network.


  • DCM. In DWDM network, there would be compounded dispersion in optical fiber. The dispersion compensation in DWDM network can be optimized by DCM to finite dispersion. The using of DCM differs from different situations. It is usually suggested to add DCM in your network if the transmission distance is longer than 40km.


  • OLP. Optical line protection system is vital in DWDM network. Using vacant optical fiber to build a backup is what many providers are doing to ensure high secure optical transmission network. 1:1 OLP, 1+1 OLP and OBP are all available.


  • VOA. Our variable optical attenuator provides accurate attention and easy operation for optical power adjustment. You can control the optical power with a more flexible and reliable manner without affecting the network on running.


  • Red/Blue Splitter. Red/blue spitter or filter can combine the red transmit channel and the blue receive channel onto a single fiber. This product is commonly used with simplex DWDM network which uses a single fiber for both transmitting and receiving at the same time.

FMT Red/blue Splitter


FMT platform is definitely an ideal choice for you to optimize your DWDM network. And except from ensuring the good DWDM network transmission quality over long distance, we also offer customized one-stop solution including both products and network designing for your DWDM network. For more details please visit FS.COM.

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