Introduction to High-Density MTP/MPO Patch Panel System

With the increasing demands on higher speed and more bandwidth, high density is becoming a main trend in today’s data centers. MPO/MTP pre-terminated solutions that are resulting in a fast interconnection of network components and a high utilization of fibers are launched to market to meet the demands on high-density cabling and connectivity. In today’s topic, I am going to introduce something about the high-density (HD) MPO/MTP patch panel system—an ideal patching solution in high-density cabling in data centers.

Main Products in HD MTP/MPO Modular Patch Panel System

High-Density Fiber Enclosure
High-density fiber optic enclosure, also called high-density fiber optic patch panel, HD enclosure or HD patch panel, is designed to accommodate up to 96 discrete connections within a 1RU panel space or 288 connections within a 4RU panel space. In general, the panel holds up to 4 or 5 cassette modules. Each cassette module supports incoming fibers from either MPO/MTP trunk cables or directly terminated cable being connected to the cassette.

fiber enclosure

High-Density MPO/MTP Cassettes
The high-density (HD) MPO/MTP cassette is a type of MPO/MTP cassette exclusively designed for high-density applications. Though the HD MPO/MTP cassette is also used for secure transition between MTP and LC or SC discreet connectors, it is more compact than the traditional LGX MPO/MTP cassette, so that it can be more suitable for high-density applications, helping users saving more spaces.


Advantages of HD MTP/MPO Modular Patch Panel System

Compared to the previous patch panel solutions, the most obvious advantage of HD MPO/MTP patch panel system is to save more spaces. As the following picture shown, a 1RU patch panel in HD MTP/MPO Modular Patch Panel system can hold up to 5 HD cassettes, but a traditional panel can only hold up to 3 cassettes. In addition, the HD MTP/MPO modular patch panel system is easy to install and access as the fiber enclosure has a more flexible design. Moreover, the modular design is better for cable management and accommodates the trends of modular data centers.

HD patch panel system

LGX cassette system

Applications of HD MTP/MPO Modular Patch Panel System

The HD MTP/MPO modular patch panel system can be used in MDA (Main Distribution Area), HDA (Horizontal Distribution Area), EDA (Equipment Distribution Area), etc. in data center cabling where needs more high-density patching or more space saving. The 4RU enclosure is generally used in MDA while the 1RU is used in the server rack or SAN (Storage Area Network) director cabinet. Used with the MPO/MTP trunk, patch cables and fan-out cables, it can achieve the interconnection between the equipment and cables in these areas.


Compact & modular design, fast installation and easy management are the trends of next generation fiber connectivity. MPO/MTP pre-terminated solutions are the ideal choice to meet these demands. HD MTP/MPO patch panel system, as an important part of MPO/MTP pre-terminated solutions, is designed specifically for high-density data center cabling applications.

Introduction to High-Density MTP/MPO Modular Patch Panel System

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