FHD High-Density Fiber Cabling Solutions

In recent years, the data center has experienced an upsurge in the amount of fiber optic cabling due to bandwidth and storage requirements. At this point, high-density fiber cable management has become more critical than ever in today’s data centers and SAN (Storage Area Networking) environments. To meet the demand for space-saving and easy-to-manage fiber cabling environments, FS.COM has introduced FHD high-density fiber cabling solutions, including FHD fiber optic enclosures, FHD MTP cassette, and FHD fiber patch panel.

FHD Series Fiber Cabling System for Next-Generation Data Center

FHD series provides a comprehensive line of solutions for fiber optic cabling. The combination of fiber enclosure and fiber patch panel or MPO/MTP modular cassette can deliver the easier MACs and the flexibility to migrate to higher data speeds. The FHD series high-density fiber cabling system includes:

 FHD Fiber Enclosure  FHD Fiber Patch Panel  FHD MPO MTP Cassette
FHD Fiber Enclosure FHD Fiber Patch Panel FHD MPO/MTP Cassette
(1) FHD Fiber Optic Enclosure for Superior Fiber Network Architecture

Fiber optic enclosures are usually used to house, organize, manage and protect fiber optic cable, terminations, splices, connectors and patch cords. FHD fiber enclosure shall accommodate all FHD fiber patch panel and MPO/MTP cassette. It comes in 1U, 2U, and 4U FHD rack mount enclosure and 2-door wall mount enclosure. The 1U rack mount enclosure has slide-out type and cover removable type which can hold 4 x fiber patch panels or MPO/MTP cassettes up to 96 fibers. The 2U and 4U rack mount enclosure feature a fixed slide-out design that can support 8 x FHD fiber patch panels or MPO/MTP cassettes up to 192 fibers, and 12 x FHD fiber patch panels or MPO/MTP cassettes up to 228 fibers separately. Besides, the 2-door wall mount enclosure can hold 2 or 4 patch panels for an option. These FHD fiber optic enclosures shall fit integral cable management and bend radius control for transition to vertical cable managers.

(2) FHD MTP/MPO Cassette for Breaking out Multi-fiber Cables

MTP/MPO cassette is widely used for high-density cabling in data centers. It is pre-terminated and pre-tested enclosed unit which can provide a secure transition between MTP/MPO and LC/SC discrete connectors. And it is usually structured with LC/SC adapters on the front side of the cassette and MTP/MPO adapters at the rear of the cassette. More importantly, it can break out MPO/MTP connectors into separate SC/LC ports. All of the fiber wiring is done internal to the cassette, so it meets the demand for quick and easy installation. FHD MTP/MPO cassette has three types: FHD MTP/MPO-24 cassette, FHD MTP/MPO-12 cassette, and FHD MTP/MPO-8 cassette in single mode and multimode version.

(3) FHD Fiber Patch Panel for Quick and Easy Connections

FHD high-density fiber patch panel is designed to provide easy management of MACs of connections in the data center. There are three different adapter types in 6, 12, and 24 fibers: FHD LC patch panel, FHD SC patch panel, and FHD MTP/MPO patch panel. Without taking up a lot of space, these FHD fiber patch panels are perfect for increasing the bandwidth and connection density of your fiber cabling.

FHD High-Density Fiber Cabling Solutions

Solution 1: Fiber Enclosure + MTP/MPO Cassettes

The FHD MTP/MPO cassettes are usually mounted in FHD fiber enclosure, which provides the interface between the MTP connector on the trunk and the LC duplex fiber jumpers for 10G to 40G or 25G to 100G application.

FHD High-Density Fiber Cabling Solution

Solution 2: Fiber Enclosure + Fiber Patch Panel

In addition to mounting with MPO/MTP cassettes, the FHD fiber enclosure can also be loaded with FHD fiber patch panels to serve as a transition from backbone cabling to distribution switching, an interconnect to active equipment, or as a cross-connect or interconnect in a main or horizontal distribution area. Besides, the fiber patch panel can also be mounted in with 1U horizontal cable manager panel or blank patch panel for cable patching.


FS.COM FHD high-density fiber cabling solutions offer the advanced performance and reliability for space-constrained installations. Using a comprehensive solution of high-density fiber enclosure with either fiber patch panels or pre-terminated fiber cassettes provides a complete fiber cross-connect/interconnect patching solution for applications where maximum density is required. For more information about FHD high-density fiber cabling solutions, please feel free to visit www.fs.com.

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