Broadband Has Become Innovation Strength to Communication Technology

“Global communications network construction is sure developing towards more universal and rapid broadband networks.” Senior researcher of World Bank Communications Policy, Natasha said that the future of international communication includes the following four objectives.

  • 1. The popularization of broadband policy. By 2015, all countries should have developed national broadband plan or strategy including broadband universal access and service definition.
  • 2. Affordable broadband services. By 2015, developing countries could afford the basic level of broadband access services (5% less than the average monthly income) through appropriate regulation and market forces.
  • 3. The popularity of home broadband. By 2015, 40 percent of households in developing countries can enjoy Internet services.
  • 4. Internet access. By 2015, the rate of global Internet user penetration would reach 60%, 50% in developing countries and 15% in less developed countries.

In Natasha’s speech respectively illustrated Indonesia and China broadband plan.

Indonesia’s 2013-2017 National Broadband Plan: By the end of 2013, Indonesia’s fixed broadband would achieve the coverage of 15% of households (1Mbps), 30% of the building (100Mbps) and 5% of the population; mobile broadband would achieve the coverage of 12% of the population (512kbps ). And by the end of 2017 , the fixed broadband would achieve the coverage of 40% to 75% of households (2Mbps), 50% to 80% of the building (1Gbps) and 25% of the population; while mobile broadband would achieve the coverage of 75% of the population (1Mbps).

China’s 2015-2020 National Broadband Plan: By 2015, administrative broadband penetration rate would achieve 95%, urban families would achieve 20Mbps broadband speed, metropolitan families would achieve 100Mbps speed, and rural families would achieve 2Mbps rate. By 2020, a comprehensive broadband network covering urban and rural areas would achieve, urban families would achieve 50Mbps, part of metropolitan families would achieve 1Gbps, and rural families would achieve 4Mbps.

Broadband has become an important innovation strength to communication technology. Based on a variety of innovative, broadband is making faster penetration of information technology, which promotes the upgrading of the entire social productivity and stimulates the sustainable economic development. In response to the financial crisis, the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Ireland and other countries have announced their plans to build a national broadband, and many countries have risen this to the height of its national strategy.

As the broadband construction is becoming global, the fiber optic cables and related assemblies are required with a quite large amount. Choosing high quality and cost-effective fiber optic products has become very important to the countries worldwide. And as communication technologies are improved more and more, many new types of optical products are invented. For example, MTP fiber is a new type of fiber patch cables which is used more and more in today’s communication construction.

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