FS Managed Switch:Essential for Fibre-to-the-Room (FTTR) Access Solution

In the age of digital transformation, the reliability and efficiency of network connectivity are crucial. This holds especially true for entities such as small and medium enterprises (SMEs), educational institutions, and hospitality providers, which are constantly striving to keep up with growing bandwidth demands. Enter the Fiber-to-the-Room (FTTR) solution, which pledges to tackle the constraints of traditional copper cable networking. At the heart of this solution lies the FS S3100-16TMS-P managed switch, a pivotal component essential for small business network switches.

Challenges Posed by Traditional Copper Cable Networking

The traditional networking infrastructure predominantly relies on copper cables. However, with the rapid evolution of high-definition multimedia content, cloud computing, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, copper cabling systems are hitting their limits in terms of:

  • Insufficient Bandwidth: The advent of Wi-Fi 6, 5G, and applications in smart domains like healthcare and education means that high bandwidth has become more crucial than ever. Copper cable supports limited bandwidth, which can result in congested networks, leading to slow data transfer rates and poor performance.
  • Short Transmission Distance: The signal on copper cables degrades over distance, limiting the placement of connected devices without the use of repeaters or extenders.
  • Interference and Security: Copper cables are susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and can be a security risk, as they can be tapped into more easily than fibre-optic cables.
  • High Transformation Costs: As demand grows, the conventional network architecture becomes an intricate beast, unwieldy and expensive to maintain and transform, leading to ballooning operational expenses.
  • Operation and Maintenance: In traditional networks, there are a large number of weak current rooms, complex structures, and unclear authority and responsibilities.

These challenges make a strong case for a shift towards an optical Ethernet solution, setting the stage for the relevance of FS S3100-16TMS-P managed switch.

Enter Optical Ethernet Solutions

In stark contrast to the aforementioned challenges, Ethernet all-optical networks have emerged as a streamlined and efficient approach to networking. The fundamental design of fibre optic cables enables them to transmit large volumes of data at the speed of light, arguably surpassing the capacity of traditional cables. Furthermore, these fibre-optic cables are not limited by short distances; they can effortlessly transmit information over tens, if not hundreds, of kilometres without significant signal degradation.

This enhanced speed and distance capability does not compromise security – quite the contrary. Optical fibres are impervious to the common pitfall of electromagnetic interference (EMI), which can severely disrupt data transmission in copper cables. Such immunity ensures a stable and reliable communication channel, free from the whims and anomalies of surrounding electronic activity.

The optical Ethernet solutions therefore excel in FTTR applications where high-bandwidth connectivity is required in every room or endpoint, such as hotels, hospitals, and modern offices. Additionally, the integration of a managed switch enhances the network’s efficiency and control, ensuring optimal performance and management of connected devices.

Why Choose FS S3100-16TMS-P Managed Switch

FS has introduced the S3100-16TMS-P managed switch, specifically designed for FTTR access solutions. It is a managed switch that offers both robust performance and easy management – prime requisites for any small business contemplating a switch to a full fibre network. Let’s delve into the features and advantages of this PoE switch.

Rich Interfaces

The S3100-16TMS-P sets itself apart with its comprehensive range of interfaces. By adopting an Ethernet architecture alongside a novel deployment method of optical fibre into the room, it achieves 10G fibre-to-the-room access. With 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports with auto-negotiation, 2 5G electrical ports, and 2 10G uplink optical ports, this switch accommodates a diverse array of devices and applications. By offering multi-gigabit speeds, the FS S3100-16TMS-P counters the problem of bandwidth limitations encountered with copper cables.

Additionally, its support for PoE+ power supply and downlink 5G high-speed transmission enables Wi-Fi 6 wireless APs to access at full 5G speed, facilitating faster data transmission speeds and vastly improving business expansion capabilities.

Sleek Design

Not only does the S3100-16TMS-P excel in functionality, but it also boasts a sleek and versatile design. Its multi-form mounting ears cater to various deployment environments, including embedded weak current boxes, under-desk installations, and customised cabinet installations, ensuring flexible deployment options tailored to specific needs. Additionally, the switch’s all-metal integrated design has undergone rigorous IP40 and IK05 testing, guaranteeing reliable operation in diverse scenarios while offering natural heat dissipation and a fanless design. With a maximum of 20 decibel leaf-level silence, the S3100-16TMS-P operates discreetly, making it ideal for indoor environments where noise is a concern.

Advanced Functionality

The S3100-16TMS-P is not just about connectivity, it also boasts a wide range of advanced features to enhance network performance and security. Supporting DHCP, Voice VLAN, LACP, RIP, OSPFv3, EEE, ACL, RADIUS, TACACS+, and other security functions, this switch provides administrators with the tools they need to optimise network operations and safeguard sensitive data.

User-Friendly GUI

To facilitate easier management, this 16-port Gigabit switch is equipped with a user-friendly WebGUI that simplifies the complex task of network administration. It also supports CLI, SNMP, SSH and other management methods, providing unparalleled convenience for maintenance and network management. Administrators can seamlessly monitor and configure the switch without incurring additional costs.

Moreover, remote online optimisation configuration and debugging can be effortlessly performed through Airware and Airbox networks, streamlining maintenance tasks and ensuring optimal performance at all times.


As network demands continue shifting towards more efficient, high-bandwidth solutions, the FS S3100-16TMS-P managed switch positions itself as a linchpin in the quest for a robust, scalable FTTR access solution. With its rich interfaces, original design, and advanced functions, this switch resolves many issues of traditional copper cable networking and paves the way for small and medium-sized enterprises to embrace the future of the network.

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