Twisted Pair Cable Is Perfect For Short Distance Transmission

The current mainstream twisted pair cable transmitters are mainly transmit monitoring video signal, using twisted pair cable to replace traditional coaxial cable transmitter solution and part of the short distance fiber optical transmission solution, is the main application point at present. Twisted Pair cable is widely used in the video surveillance system application and it is very mature. The benefits and convenience have obviously apparent, and the security monitoring applications are gradually extending.

Twisted Pair Cable

Twisted Pair Transmission: Signal Almost No Distortion

Long transmission distance, high transmission quality. Due to the adoption of advanced processing techniques in the twisted pair transceiver, excellently compensate the attenuation of twisted pair cable to video signal amplitude and attenuation difference between different frequencies, to maintain the brightness, color and real-time of original image, when the transmission distance to 1km or more, the image signal almost without distortion. If we adopt the relay mode, the transmission distance will be longer.

Convenient wiring and high utilization rate of optical fiber cable. A pair of ordinary telephone lines can be used to transmit the video signal. In addition, the widely used building blocks within the category 5 unshielded twisted pair to take a pair can transmit video signal without additional wiring, even re-wiring, Cat5 cable is easier than coaxial cable. In addition, a Cat5 cable is made up of 4 twisted pairs, if using a pair of lines to transmit video signal, other several pair lines can also be used to transmit audio signals, control signals, the power supply or other signal, improves the utilization ratio of fiber optic cable, at the same time avoiding the trouble of various signals with separate wiring, reducing the project cost.

Strong anti-interference ability. Twisted pair cable can effectively suppress common mode interference, even in strong interference environment, twisted pair cable can transmit excellent image signals. Moreover, the use of a twisted pair cable within a few pairs respectively transmit different signals separately, the mutual interference doesn’t happen.

High reliability and easy to use. Using twisted pair cable to transmit the video signal, access special transmitter at the front end, access a special receiver at the control center. The twisted pair transmission equipment is cheap, easy to use, without professional knowledge, nor too many operations, once installed, long-term stability.

Cheap, easily obtained. The use of the currently widespread used ordinary unshielded Cat 5 cable or ordinary telephone lines, easy to buy, and the price is very cheap and brings great convenience to engineering application.

Prospective Application: Access Control

Twisted Pair cable is widely used in the video surveillance system application and it is very mature. Its benefits and convenience has obviously apparent, then can we put this advantage extends to other areas, instead of the traditional application? The answer is yes. UTP is not only the applications in video surveillance is flourish developed, but also present in other security areas, and gradually strengthen its king position of short distance transmission.

The entire system transmission line includes the following sections:

The control line: The controller has three signal wires, which are connected to the card reader, lock status sensor of electric lock and exit button, you can use three signal twisted pair cable to transmit.
Remote signal lines: from the controller to the management computer, a signal line, its transmission protocols mostly are rs485, at a distance of nearly may be rs232, no doubt UTP also capable of serial transmission.

Video transmission line: from the front-end image acquisition to the management computer and to the user terminal can use twisted-pair cable.

Based on a comprehensive analysis of access control system wiring, the signal wire and control lines between card readers, controllers, user terminal and management computer can use twisted pair cable to transmit, and single twisted pair cable can transmit four control signals, not only greatly improve the utilization rate of the cable, but also saves wiring costs.

To sum up, twisted pair cable has great potential in the field of short distance transmission in the future, it can meet necessary conditions of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and many other trends in today’s society, providing users with cost-effective transmission mechanism, in order to create the most valuable transmission system for social, to open up the most efficient information hub to the world. Excellent FS, has been devoted to the research of twisted pair transmission technology such as Cat 7 cable, hoping to create the highest quality products and contribute to the community.

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