Transceiver Modules for FS N-series Switches with Cumulus Linux

In response to the expansion of open source networking, FS released N-series switches combining with Cumulus Linux. FS N-series switches, as hot-pluggable I/O devices, allow interconnections between multiple devices by using various transceivers modules. To provide more convenience and good experiences, FS also supplies a wide variety of transceiver modules, which are compatible with these switches for users to meet different deployment requirements. This post will make an introduction of FS N-series switches with Cumulus Linux and FS transceiver modules for these switches.

Overview of FS N-series Switches with Cumulus Linux

FS N-series switches with Cumulus Linux, including N5850-48S6Q switch, N8000-32Q switch, and N8500-32C switch, allow customers to configure their desirable network switches. They possess Broadcom switching chip, Intel CPU, and other advanced configurations. What’s more, all of these switches enjoy a 5-year hardware warranty. Armed with Cumulus Linux network operating system, FS N-series switches can provide users with more advanced functions such as MLAG, NCLU, EVPN, VxLAN, SNMP, etc. These switches are ideal for the traditional or fully virtualized data center. In a word, FS N-series switches with Cumulus Linux help users to deploy fast, high-capacity fabrics, simplified network automation and consistent tools, and help lower operational and capital expenditures.

Cumulus Linux

Figure 1: FS N-series switches with Cumulus Linux

Supported Transceivers N-series Switches with Cumulus Linux

According to your real needs, you can choose different FS N-series switches with Cumulus Linux and suitable transceivers for these switches.

N5850-48S6Q Switch

The N5850-48S6Q switch is a Top-of-Rack (TOR) or Leaf switch. It delivers excellent low latency and power efficiency in a PHYless design. It also offers high reliability features such as hot-swappable power supplies and fans in forward and reverse airflow configurations. In addition, N5850-48S6Q switch provides 48 SFP+ 10GbE ports and 6 QSFP+ 40GbE ports, and each 40GbE port can be configured as 4x10GbE up to a total system limit of 72 10GbE ports. Therefore, it can use 10G SFP+ and 40G QSFP+ to connect with other network devices. The following table lists FS transceiver modules and Twinax cables supported by N5850-48S6Q switch.

N8000-32Q Switch

The N8000-32Q switch is ideal for data center environments in either Leaf or Spine deployments. It delivers a rich choice of interface speed and density, which can be deployed in a wide range of open networking solutions including layer 2 and layer 3 cloud designs, overlay networks, virtualized or traditional enterprise data center networks. What’s more, N8000-32Q switch provides 32 QSFP+ ports, and each port can be configured as 4x10GbE with individual link LEDs, up to a total system limit of 104 10GbE ports. Here are QSFP+ transceivers and Twinax cables for N8000-32Q switch.

N8000-32Q switch
N8500-32C Switch

Designed for high performance and programmable data center environments, N8500-32C switch offers line-rate, high-bandwidth switching, filtering, and traffic queuing without delaying data. Due to the redundant power and fans along with lots of high availability features, it is usually available for business-sensitive traffic. Moreover, the N8500-32C switch provides 32 ports 100GbE QSFP28 modules. To meet various deployment demands, FS also supplies multiple optical transceivers and Twinax cables compatible with this switch.

N8500-32C Switch


FS N-series open networking switches with Cumulus Linux offer flexibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness in data center networks. Any requirements for FS N-series open networking switches and the supported transceiver modules, welcome to visit FS.COM.

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