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How To Repair The Accidentally Cut Fiber Optic Cables

Underground fiber optic cables can be accidentally cut. The most typical factor which could cause this accident may be the utilization of backhoe while digging. If it happens to you, you can simply search for backhoe and obtain the cut … Continue reading

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The Process Of FTTH Network From 2011 To 2013

FiberStore news, the Chinese traditional fiber optic connector manufacturers not fared well in 2013, according to statistics, in the first quarter shipments of fiber optic connectors for FTTH “cold junction” decreased nearly 80% compared to 2012, which is regarded as technical … Continue reading

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Step-by-step Teach You How to Splice Optical Fiber

With the rapid development of fiber optic network, the traditional 10M and 100M speed has been increasingly unable to meet the needs of people’s daily learning and work. Users are eager to improve the speed of networks. 1000M is a … Continue reading

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