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Learning Fiber Optic Connectors & Adapters in Animated Manner

Fiber optic connectors and adapters are the most commonly used passive components for fiber optic connectivity. They are simple and easy-to-use components but some of their parameters and characteristics may be easy to confuse, especially to newbies. Today, I am … Continue reading

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Fiber Jumpers Inspection And Cleaning Methods

Optical patch cords used as jumper cables, also called fiber optic jumpers, are often used between the optical transceiver and fiber terminal box. The main purpose of fiber optic jumpers detection is to ensure the quality of system connection, reduce … Continue reading

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How To Use Magnifier Inspect Fiber Optic Connector

We can use magnifier to check the fiber optic connectors pin end, which quickly determined that the connector insertion loss is high or low, the need for re-grinding. With this method, you only need a few seconds, you can initially … Continue reading

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