Method B Link With FS.COM MPO/MTP Cassettes

MPO/MTP cassettes are typically designed with 12 or 24-fiber MPO/MTP adapter in the rear panel and breakout to 6 or 12 duplex LC adapters in the front panel. MPO/MTP cassette provides adaptability for the changing data center environment, offering great advantages, such as cost and space saving, quick to install, simple to manage, and so on. In FS.COM’s MPO/MTP cassettes product line, there are two types of MPO/MTP cassettes used for polarity Method B Link—Type B1 and Type B2. In this post, these two optical fiber cable solutions will be presented.

As we know, generally, there are three polarity options for MPO/MTP fiber optic cable assembly. Method B is the second polarity method that employs Key-Up to Key-Up adapters to link straight-through Key-Up to Key-Up ribbon cables to fiber cassettes. Method B cassettes are identical to Method A cassettes except that they use Key-Up to Key-Up adapters. Inside the MPO/MTP cassette, from MPO/MTP adapter to LC adapters, there are two kinds of fiber arrange methods. Straight-through 1-1 wiring and Crossover 1-12 wiring, namely Type B1 and Type B2 cassettes offered by FS.COM. The following diagrams show the Method B Link with Type B1 and Type B2 MPO/MTP Cassettes.

MTP MPO/MTP Cassette Solution – Type B1 Polarity

Type B1 Cassette

MTP MPO/MTP Cassette Solution – Type B2 Polarity

Type B Cassette

FS.COM MPO/MTP Cassettes are equivalent to Panduit, Corning and Levtion optic cassettes, which are more flexibly accommodating for the changing data center environment and specially designed to reduce installation time and cost. For more information, please visit the official website of FS.COM or contact the sales team via

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