Knowledge of Labeling Cables

CableLabelingThese few weeks, we talked much about the fiber optic devices or technologies, I hope you will enjoy the knowledge in my blog. Today, I want to talk something about the cable labeling. We might see labeling cables in many places – cables plugging into the device of data center or even the network cables in the corner of your home. Why is it important to label cables and wires? And how do we label them in the most appropriate way? The following article will tell you the answers.

Why is labeling cables and wires important?

cable labelingThough the text printed on the each cable will usually tell us what type it is, it is necessary to use cable label to distinguish the application or role of the cable. If a cable has the same information on a label at both of its ends, you know that, having found one end, you can also find the other. Reading the label saves you having to trace where the cable actually goes (often amid a mass of other cables). This can be extremely beneficial. The key purpose of using cable labels is to make it as easy as possible to know the location of the other end of the cable. Additionally, labeling a cable can tell you its features obviously or it can tell you what is connected to each end of it. With the labeling, you can easily find out the information of each cable without wasting more time, especially in the large device or server including a plenty of cables. Labeling cable is invaluable in saving you both time and money and it may be considered as a “permanent solution” to get better cable management, thus, it is important to label cables and wires.

Of course, labeling cables is not just for the benefit of engineers. Importantly, if cables are mislabeled or not labelled at all, it’s likely to result in high rates of fatigue, stress and irritation for anyone who comes into contact with them, even possibly creating more immediately safety issues. Just thinking you are among a plenty of cables but you have no idea of their functions or even can’t find out the main cable when there occurred some situations, so crazy! Labeling cables effectively provides important safety information for anyone who comes into contact with that cable. It certainly helps to inform that person’s decision making with regards to the cable, although it’s important to note that this involves label design issues, since if it’s possible to design labels that reveal vital information, it’s also possible to design labels that do the opposite.

How do labeling cables in the most appropriate way?

Every cable that you install on a job must be labeled. No excuses. Labeling cables will not only save you lots of time on the job site, but will greatly reduce frustrations of troubleshooting and service. However, labeling is not just simply pasted the label on the cable. We must do it in an appropriate way in order to play good performance of the label. First, you may have a plan to label your cables, and then obey the standard of the label materials, designation and the other parameter writing formats etc. When you do labeling cable, you must follow the following rules.

labeling rules

Certainly, you must also master the technique of labeling cables. It seems simple, but it is really need some skills.



Labeling cables makes jobs become easier and safer. They are designed to help users reduce trouble, improve safety and save time and money. Of course, the prerequisite is to do it properly. I hope this article will give you some help for your cable managements. Actually, labeling cables is one of the basic method of cable management. The other methods, such as using fiber marker, fiber patch panel, cable ties etc. will also be common used in cable management that we will separately discuss in the future.

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