High Density Push-Pull TAB Fiber Patch Cables

With the ever-increasing demand for IT resources, data centers should also grow to keep the pace with customers’ needs. However, adding more floor space is an expensive, disruptive and sometimes un-affordable solution. Therefore, engineers prefer to increase the power density of the data center by using high density products. Among the various high density products, push-pull TAB fiber patch cables may be unimpressive, but they do provide improved accessibility, reduced installation costs and outstanding performance for today’s demanding high-density data center applications. This article gives an overview of the high density push-pull TAB patch cables.

What Is Push-Pull TAB Fiber Patch Cables?

The push-pull TAB fiber patch cable is a totally unique design, which features push-pull tab connector that offers maximum accessibility in high density installations. With this kind of fiber patch cables, technicians may finish the installing and removing procedures with only one hand and no additional tools are needed. Now there are mainly two kinds of push-pull TAB fiber patch cables in the market : LC-HD TAB fiber patch cables and MPO-HD TAB fiber patch cables. The LC-HD TAB fiber patch cable is designed for the LC-HD switchable& movable connector. And its slim uni-boot design saves much space and makes cables more easily to be managed. MPO-HD TAB fiber patch cables, with their MTP/MPO connectors that can accommodate 12 fibers, provide up to 12 times the density, thereby offering savings in circuit card and rack space.

LC-LC Push Pull Cables MTP-MTP  Push Pull Cables
Why Push-Pull TAB Cables Are Superior for Density Applications?

Though traditional patch cables are also popular in the data center, the push-pull TAB patch cables are superior in some aspects.

No Adverse Effects on the Cord’s Electrical Performance

Before push-pull TAB patch cables are developed, technicians often have great difficulty in releasing connectors and managing the density of cabling. Sometimes, they may need to use screwdrivers to unlatch patch cords in a densely populated network space. Obviously, much can go wrong when a technician wields screwdrivers around networking gears. Push-pull TAB patch cables do not require any manual latching. technicians just need to push the tab forward to latch and gently pull the tab to release. This allows technicians to unplug the cord by pulling on the boot in a process that has no adverse effects on the cord’s electrical performance.

Easy to Release Patch Cord

In high-density environment such as 48-port 1U patch panels, inserting and disconnecting patch cords can be challenging for technicians. The flexible pull-tab of the patch cable allows for the connector to be disengaged easily from loaded panels without the need for special tools. In fact, a gentle pull on the tab may disengage the connector from extremely dense fiber optic panels. Furthermore, labeling is also available on the pull-tab so that each cable can be quickly identified.

remove lc-hd
Much More Increase in Density

Since the connector of the patch cable can be removed using a simple pull tab, it eliminates the need for finger access to the connectors latch mechanism, therefore adapters can now be mounted much closer than spacing required in the past.

Space Saving

The traditional connectors often require a small vertical space above and below the adapters. While the low profile push-pull TAB patch cable, together with it’s pull tab, allow adapters to be stacked with absolutely no vertical space (as in the following figure).

dense mpo-hd

In today’s data centers, improving network capacity and space utilization is more important than ever. And push-pull TAB fiber patch cables are certainly among the ideal high density solutions. Fiberstore offers a wide range of push-pull TAB patch cables that will help free up space.We supply simplex&duplex LC-HD patch cords, 12&24 fibers MPO-HD patch cords, MPO-LC harness cables, providing low-loss performance for multi-mode and single mode high speed networks and improving network performance. All these products are most suitable for patching high density blade servers, patch panels and equipment.

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