FS 4U Rack Mount FHD Fiber Optic Enclosures Comparison

With the increasing demand for better network, the data center devices need to be kept upgrading. To meet the requirement for easy-to-manage fiber cabling environments, FS has upgraded 4U FHD rack mount fiber optic enclosures. Well, what’s the difference between the upgraded 4U FHD fiber enclosure and the old one? This article will give a clear explanation for it.

What Is Fiber Optic Enclosure?

To understand the difference between the upgraded 4U FHD fiber enclosure and the old one, we’d better get to know fiber optic enclosure first. Fiber optic enclosure, also called fiber spice box, refers to an empty box or a unit. It is a high-density equipment which is designed to house, organize, manage and protect fiber optic cables. It usually comes in rack units of 1U, 2U, 4U, or more rack units (U is short for rack unit and 1U equals 1.75 inches). So fiber enclosures with different rack units have different fiber capacities. For instance, 1U fiber enclosure can support 96 fiber cables, while 2U fiber enclosure can support up to 192 fiber cables. Moreover, fiber optic enclosures come with different configurations for different deployment scenarios, including rack mount, wall mount enclosure, and indoor or outdoor enclosure.

fiber optic enclosures

Figure 1: Fiber optic enclosure

4U Rack Mount Fiber Optic Enclosures

As mentioned above, 4U rack mount fiber optic enclosure is one type of high-density fiber optic enclosures for 19 inch rack mount. 4U rack mount fiber optic enclosure allows for 12 x fiber adapter panels or 12 x MPO/MTP cassettes, holding up to 288 fibers. Usually, 4U rack mount enclosures have traditional cover removable type and slide-out type. Compared to cover removable type, the slide-out type is more costly, but it is easier for pull-out sliding trays. Thus, by using slide-out type, there is no need for users to remove the whole fiber enclosure from the rack to get internal access. In fact, the new generation of rack enclosure is mostly the slide-out type. What’s more, this high density enclosure can provide a flexible system for managing a variety of fiber terminating, splicing and patching applications to minimizing floor space and maximizing rack space utilization.

FS 4U rack mount FHD fiber enclosure

Figure 2: FS 4U rack mount FHD fiber enclosure

FS 4U Rack Mount FHD Fiber Optic Enclosures Comparison

FS recently develops a new type of 4U rack mount fiber optic enclosure. The upgraded 4U rack mount FHD fiber optic enclosure and the old one share most functions. For instance, they provide a modular system for managing fiber connections and support up 288 fibers capacity for LC interface. They can also house MTP modular cassettes or fiber adapter panels. Besides, both of them are made of SPCC (Black Coating). Then what’s their difference?

  • Upgraded the slide rail – The upgraded 4U rack mount FHD fiber enclosure has new-design parallel slide-out drawer, which can be pushed or pulled more stably as well as faster.
  • Upgraded the door latch – With new type symmetrical door latch, this new 4U rack enclosure can divide force evenly when open the door.
  • Adjusted the distance – The distance from the ear of this enclosure to its door has been reduced from 139mm to 108mm, which is easier and more convenient for operation.
  • Price – Usually, the more functions of the equipment, the higher cost of the product. Therefore, the upgraded 4U rack enclosure is $30 higher than the old one.


Rack mount fiber optic enclosures, as the important cable management element, are widely used in data centers. FS upgraded 4U rack mount FHD fiber optic enclosures offer the improved performance and are more convenient for network cable management. And each enclosure will be shipped with an accessory pack, including mounting screws, spools, bend radius bracket for proper installation and cable ties for cable management. Moreover, FS also provides reliable fiber cassette and fiber optic patch panel for your network. If you have any needs, please feel free to visit FS.COM.

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