Fiberstore- Best choice for your 4 channels Simplex CWDM Mux & Demux LGX Module!

Are you trying to find info on 4 channels Simplex BIDI Transmission CWDM Mux & Demux LGX Module? And are you still not making your mind to pick up one because of the limited cost? Or do you want to customize an unique module for special need? Fiberstore provides complete information about this goods right this moment. 4 channels LGX Module Simplex BIDI Transmission CWDM Mux & Demux (type A/type B), our best-selling product at this time, is keeping an enough store and good price as well as offering the customized service. With highly performance and reasonable price, we will be proud to announce that such product is absolutely a good device for your network solution!

Fiberstore continually strives to provide the most current products for our customers. Thanks to the research and testing performed by our experienced engineers, we have opportunity to offer the most advanced technology available. Expecially the CWDM Mux & Demux module, as a flagship product line of all the optical products, its quality and technology are both the best and advanced. In addition to ensure the quality, Fiberstore also has a very reasonable price and good service all around the world.

Why can Fiberstore’s CWDM Mux & Demux module be such excellent in both quality and price?
Fiberstore’s Research & Development and Engineering teams provide strong innovative capability, who have core technical knowledge ranging from optoelectronic device, optical subassembly, and module design, to product and manufacturing process development expertise. On the other hand, advantages of the unique conditions of abundant and cheaper resouse of the components in our factory in China, makes it possible to be saled to the end users with such reasonable price.(Figure 1.)
test department

Figure 1. Research & Development and Engineering teams in Fiberstore

Fiberstore’s customized 4 channels Simplex BIDI Transmission CWDM Mux & Demux LGX Module
In order to satisfy the demands of customers, Fiberstore add a new design in the modules. No matter what kind of connectors (such as FC, ST, SC, LC, etc.) are all available, and we can also mix connectors on one device. Like the following customized 4 channels LGX Module Simplex BIDI Transmission CWDM Mux & Demux (type Atype B). We can see Figure 2.,this customized product is designed in mix connectors on the device-SC/APC & LC/PC so that it can save the cost and easy to used.
4 channels Simplex BIDI Transmission CWDM Mux & Demux LGX Module

Figure 2. customized 4 channels Simplex BIDI Transmission CWDM Mux & Demux LGX Module

Item Details

  • 4 channels CWDM mux and demux in one LGX
  • Com port is simplex
  • Connector: Com&1310:SC/APC Other: LC/PC
  • LGX Cassette
  • It is equipped with configuration ports like Monitor, Express port according to customer choice (see options)
  • Front panel is equipped with adapters according to customer choice (see options)
  • Passive, no electric power required. (MTBF ca. 500 years)
  • Low insertion loss
  • Simple to install, requires no configuration or maintenance
  • ISO 9001 manufacturing facility
  • It should be used with 4 channels, Type A, LGX Module, Simplex BIDI Transmission, CWDM Mux & Demux in pair

To ensure the quality of each product, there is a Test data report for every product when produced(Figure 3.). In addition, original packages, fast worldwide shipping and one year warrenty are including in our services.

Figure 3. Test Data Report of CWDM Mux & Demux

Don’t hesitate anymore! Come to Fiberstore, you can directly make oder on one of our products or customize an unique device for your special use. Know more, click here!

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