Fiber Color Code and Fiber Connector Color Code

Various colors of fiber optic cabling components including fiber optic cables, connectors and adapters add color and life to data center. Image if there is no fiber color code for these fiber optic cabling components, the data centers which are full of a dense mass of server racks and cabinets will get into a mess. But if there are many colors in the data center racks, it will cause many issues for the systems. Thus, the industry specified some color code standard to solve the issues. Here will introduce fiber optic cable color code and fiber connector color code in details.

Fiber Color Code Standard

The jacket color of fiber optic cable is typically defined by the fiber type, and will almost always follow the fiber color code standards below. Both multimode and single-mode fiber cables designed for outdoor use will typically have a black jacket to protect the cable from damage due to solar exposure and UV light.

Fiber Color Code

Fiber Connector Color Code

TIA-568-C.3 standard specifies the color codings for fiber connectors and adapters. Unless the color coding is used for some other purpose, the connector strain relief and adapter housing should be identifiable by the following colors:

Fiber Connector Color Code


As introduced above, the fiber color code and fiber connector color code for fiber optic cabling components are not just for looking pretty but for better fiber cable management. In practical applications, we will need different color jackets of cable, connectors or adapters for individual management. But most of the times, we should obey the  fiber color code and fiber connector color code standards for our fiber optic cabling. And we can manage our cabling with different color ties and markers.

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