Compatible SFP Optical Transceiver for Netonix WISP Switch

Netonix WISP switch is a series of managed Gigabit PoE switch with several Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 and SFP ports. Compared with Ubiquiti Networks Edgeswitch switches (40C), Netonix WISP switch is designed with a rugged chassis and extended operating temperature (-25 to 55C), which is more suitable for outdoor deployment. Furthermore, the ability to power AirFibers is the unique feature of WISP switches. This article will describe Netonix WISP switches in details, and help you choose the proper compatible  SFP optical transceivers for them.

Netonix WISP Switch Basics

Netonix WISP switches are the Netonix Gigabit switches with the performance of Non-Blocking Throughput Switching and software configuration passive PoE. They feature the ability to power many popular 24V, 48V/50V passive PoE devices from manufacturers including Ubiquiti Networks airMAX™, UniFi™, SAF™, MIMOSA™, Ligowav™, and airFIBER™ product lines.

Table 1 lists the detailed Netonix WISP switch datasheet.

Total Non-Blocking Throughput
Gigabit RJ45 Ports
SFP Ports
Max. Power Consumption
WS-24-400A 26 Gbps 24 2 400W
WS-24-400B 26 Gbps 24 2 400W
WS-12-250A 14 Gbps 12 2 250W
WS-12-250B 14 Gbps 12 2 250W
WS-12-250-DC 14 Gbps 12 2 250W
WS-12-250-AC 14 Gbps 12 2 250W
WS-12-DC 14 Gbps 12 2 8+/-
WS-10-250-AC 10 Gbps 8 2 250W
WS-8-250-DC 14 Gbps 8 N/A N/A
WS-8-250-AC 14 Gbps 8 N/A 250W
WS-8-150-DC 14 Gbps 8 N/A N/A
WS-8-150-AC 14 Gbps 8 N/A 250W
WS-6-MINI 6 Gbps 6 N/A 2A

Note that: the No. “6”, “8”, “10”… in those model refers to the numbers of port. And “150” and “250” means the max power consumption. The above image shows the simple home network setup using WS-6-MINI switches. WS-6-MINI is Netonix Mini Managed Passive PoE Switch with 6 Gigabit RJ45 ports.

Netonix WISP Switch

Optical Transceiver Tested to Work Well in Netonix WISP Switch

According to Netonix community, the SFP (optical module form factor) Gigabit Ethernet ports on WISP switches accommodate a full range of SFP optical transceiver modules, including SFP 1000BASE-T, SFP 1000BASE-SX, SFP 1000Base-LX/LH, SFP 1000BASE-ZX, SFP 1000BASE-BX-D, SFP 1000BASE-BX-U, SFP 1000BASE-EX. The following SFP optical transceivers are reported to be working fine on WISP switches.

Compatible Optical Transceivers for Netonix WISP Switch

Fiberstore compatible optical transceivers are reported to work well on Netonix WISP switches. The following table lists the detailed information about the compatible optical transceiver modules on WISP switches.

Model Description Price
Fiberstore SFP-GB-GE-T Generic 10/100/1000BASE-T SFP Copper RJ-45 100m Transceiver $16.00
GLC-T Cisco GLC-T 1000BASE-T SFP Copper RJ-45 100m Transceiver $21.00
GLC-SX-MM Cisco GLC-SX-MM 1000BASE-SX SFP 850nm 550m Transceiver $6.00
GLC-ZX-SM Cisco GLC-ZX-SM 1000BASE-ZX SFP 1550nm 70km Transceiver $24.00
GLC-BX-U 1000BASE-BX-U BiDi SFP 1310nm-TX/1490nm-RX 10km DOM Transceiver $9.00
GLC-BX-D 1000BASE-BX-D BiDi SFP 1490nm-TX/1310nm-RX 10km DOM Transceiver $12.00
Major Branded Optical Transceivers For Netonix WISP Switches

Original SFP transceiver module for Netonix WISP Switch

compatible SFP optical transceiver for Netonix WISP Switch


The Netonix WISP switch is designed to be part of the Small Business or home networking products that work together as part of proven, fully integrated, easy-to-use small business solution. These switches support a huge number of Gigabit Ethernet SFP optical transceivers. All these high-quality fiber optic transceivers can be found on FS.COM for competitive prices. FS.COM is committed to provide free shipping in USA, Mexico and Australia.

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