Cleaning Recommendation for Optical Transceiver

We have always emphasized that proper fiber cleaning of connector end-face is very important to ensure the performance of the whole fiber systems. In fact, optical transceiver module is no exception as the contamination of the optical port of a transceiver will also lead to network failure. However, many people overlook the importance of optical transceiver cleaning or do not clean it in a proper way. This is why I want to talk this topic today.

When to Clean?

As we know, the connector end-face of fiber jumper is always recommended to clean before connection. But the optical port of the optical transceiver should not need frequent cleaning unless there is a problem because they have less risk of being contaminated compared to jumper. In general, if you have cleaned your connectors, but still experience low-power output from an optical transceiver or a fault signal from your equipment, you should clean the optical port of the transceiver.


How to Clean

The best way to clean the optical port of a transceiver is to use the air duster (also called clean dry air) to blow away small dust particles. In addition, lint-free stick/swab is also required for dry cleaning. The detailed cleaning procedure is shown as below:

  • Remove the dust cap from the optical transceiver.
  • Use an air duster to remove any dirt or particles.
  • Insert a lint-free stick of the appropriate size (2.5 mm or 1.25 mm) and turn clockwise. Dry cleaning is recommended here. Thus, Don’t use alcohol-based cleaning sticks.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 if necessary.
  • Remove the lint-free stick and reinsert the dust cap to the transceiver. Always keep the dust cap inserted in the transceiver when not in use.
  • Place the transceiver on a clean and static-free area, such as an antistatic mat.

cleaning tool

Tips: To prevent cross contamination, always make sure that the connector of jumper that will be plugged into the transceiver is cleaned before connection.


Optical ports of transceivers also require proper cleaning to ensure the fiber transmission performance. It is recommended to clean the transceiver port when there is an error on port. Dry cleaning is recommended to use with air duster and lint-free. Moreover, cross contamination should be avoided by always using cleaned jumper. For more information about fiber optic cleaning, please visit here.

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