Fiber Optic Splice Closure Basics and Types

fiber optic splice closureLook at the picture on the left. Do you know the “black box” on the ground? Yes, many people who work with FOC (fiber optic cable) may be very familiar with it. It is called fiber optic splice closure, or fiber splicing closure. In fact, except underground application, fiber optic splice closures are also used for aerial, strand-mount FTTH “tap” locations where drop cables are spliced to distribution cables. It is usually used with outdoor fiber optic cables which provides space for outdoor fiber optic cables to be spliced together. The fiber optic splice closures and the fiber trays inside will protect the spliced fiber and the joint parts of the outdoor fiber cables.

Fiber Optic Splice Closure Types

Generally, the fiber optic splice closures are horizontal types and dome type (also called vertical type). Horizontal types are used more often than vertical type (dome type) closures.

fiber splice closure

Horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Horizontal types splice closures look like a flat or cylindrical box which provide space and protection for fiber optic cable splicing and joint. They can be mounted aerial, buried, or for underground applications. Most horizontal fiber optic splice closure can fit hundreds of fiber connection. They are designed to be waterproof and dust proof. They can be used in temperature ranging from -40°C to 85°C, can accommodate 70 to 106 kph pressure and the case are usually made of high tensile construction plastic.


Vertical Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Vertical type of fiber optic splice closure looks like a dome. This is why they are also called dome type. They meed the same specification as the horizontal types. They are usually designed for buried applications.

dome type closure


The fiber optic splice closure is used everywhere around us. It is a perfect solution for terminating and protecting fiber trunk, feeder, distribution, and last mile segments.FS fiber optic splice closures are featured with open & easy access fiber management and superior durability and reliability. Visit our website for more information.

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