10G SFP+ Module Integrated Solutions

10G SFP+ module overall solution is a complete demonstration of the work of the demodulated optical transceiver solutions, mainly used in small plug (SFP+).

This solution shortens the time of the customer design and cost saving customers, without sacrificing performance.By putting TI laser driver ONET1101, limiting amplifier ONET8501 and powerful combination of MSP430 MCU to an SFP+ MSA standard package, achieve the above goals.

1, the introductionEnhanced the small plug (SFP+) is a compact, hot-swappable transceiver, used for 10 g telecommunications and data communications applications.This is a popular industrial format, developed jointly by many system components manufacturers and provide good support.Overall dimensions and electrical interfaces are prescribed by a multi-source agreement (MSA).

Having the complete laser driver, limiting amplifier, optical transceiver application product line, and combined with TI powerful MCU, so TI is able to provide customers with a complete set of SFP+ design solutions.We choose for the 10GBASE SFP+ 11.3 G ONET1101 laser driver, ONET8501, limiting amplifier, MSP430 MCU.

The application shows that relates to 10 km based SFP+ 10 g DML design details and test solution: including sfp module schematic diagram, PCB layout, firmware, BOM and debugging skills;Also includes evaluation board schematic diagram, PCB layout, GUI, BOM and test results.

2, the SFP+ module figure

sfp schematic 0010
Includes an sfp plus transceiver (laser driver ONET1101 + DML NEC NX8341), a receiver (ROSA + Limiting Amplifier ONET8501) and a control module (MCU MSP430FR5738).

3, the transmitter
The transmitter converts the electrical signal to an optical signal. The laser driver ONET1101 amplifying an input signal as the modulation signal, and to provide a bias DC current DML. ONET1101L is a high speed, 3.3V laser driver for 2 to 11.3Gbps data rate directly modulated lasers.

4 Receiver
The receiver converts the optical signal into an electrical signal.
Limiting amplifier ONET8501PB to enlarge the transformed signal for the receiver output.ONET8501PB is a high-speed, 3.3 V limiting amplifier, data rate for 2 to 11.3 Gbps optical fiber and copper cable applications.

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